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Surprising Sources of Caffeine

When people want caffeine they usually reach for a cup of coffee, tea or a bottle of soda. But, what if you are trying to avoid caffeine? The staff at Information Nation has discovered that there are some “secret” foods and drinks that may pack more of a punch of energy than most people want, right before bedtime. Read More »

Markus Lattner Q&A: Slow Food

Markus Lattner is improvement manager for a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) farm in Pennsylvania, where he helps streamline processes in order to keep everything working efficiently.  In this capacity, Markus Lattner combines his commitment to the environment with a dedication to quality produce. Markus Lattner spoke recently with InformatioNation about a concept that’s close to his heart. InformatioNation: Explain to ... Read More »

Douglas Battista Dishes on the Health Benefits of Yoga

Information Nation recently sat down with Douglas Battista to discuss the benefits of the Vinyasa flow yoga. Here, the Human Resources executive touches on the positive effects this ancient ritual can have on modern man. Information Nation: Thank you for joining us today, Douglas Battista. We understand that yoga is an important part of your life. Douglas Battista: That it ... Read More »

Theodore Stroukoff Discusses the Joy of Living in New Mexico

Theodore Stroukoff

Theodore Stroukoff was born in New Jersey, but he has spent much of his adult life in New Mexico. While many tourists view New Mexico as one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, Theodore Stroukoff has learned of the state’s many other charms while living there. There are many benefits to living in one of the ... Read More »

Invasive Bladder Cancer Requires Radical Treatments, says Urologist Paul Perito MD

Paul Perito MD

A radical cystectomy can remove most cancer cells but it is not without major risks, according to Paul Perito MD. According to Paul Perito MD, a radical cystectomy is an operation used to remove the bladder, as well as any surrounding organs that are affected by carcinogenic cells. Paul Perito MD, a Coral Gables, Florida-based urology specialist, explains that the procedure has been around since the 1800s but it was not until the mid-20th century that the basic principles of surgery were described in medical texts. According to Paul Perito MD, the procedure was updated in 1987 to accommodate a nerve sparing dissection that would preserve sexual function. Read More »

Dr. Paul Perito Offers Insight as to Why Coral Gables Hospital Is One of the Best in the Nation

Dr. Paul Perito is the Chairman of Urology at Coral Gables Hospital in Florida. According to Dr. Paul Perito, Coral Gables Hospital is a world-class 247-bed facility located in Coral Gables, Florida, home of the University of Miami. Dr. Paul Perito says that the town is known globally for its ability to attract large businesses like Bacardi and American Airlines. The hospital is located in the historic district of Coral Gables and proudly serves South Dade County. A number of specialty programs are available at the facility, including orthopedics, diagnostics and Dr. Paul Perito’s own specialty, urology. As the chairman of the urology department, Dr. Paul Perito says that Coral Gables Hospital was an easy choice for him. Aside from attaining full accreditation by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, Coral Gables Hospital has also been honored with the American Heart Association’s “Get with the Guidelines Award” for excellence in treating heart failure, stroke, and coronary artery disease. These are not easy feats, points out Dr. Paul Perito. Read More »

ANY LAB TEST NOW Franchises Help Individuals Monitor Their Health for the New Year and Beyond


According to ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise professionals, January 1st brings a flurry of activity from individuals looking to take charge of their health in the coming year. Unfortunately, many of these people will push the resolutions to the side just a few short weeks later. Most people need a little extra encouragement and motivation to change their current lifestyle. ... Read More »



While the number of Americans living with HIV has dropped in recent years, says ANYLABTESTNOW.COM, sexually active adults are still encouraged to get tested for this serious and sometimes fatal disease. ANYLABTESTNOW.COM can run a full STD panel so that infected individuals can seek treatment before they unknowingly spread this or other diseases through unprotected sex. The Centers for Disease ... Read More »

Learning from a Legacy | College Student Kyle Thomas Glasser Finds Inspiration from His Family’s Past

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser was  just a boy that cold early spring day in 1996 when his Uncle Kevin tragically ended his watch with the NYPD. Kevin Gillespie was gunned down, in cold blood, by a carjacker shortly before his 34th birthday. Even now, Gillespie remains an important influence on his nephew, Kyle Thomas Glasser, as Glasser makes his way towards ... Read More »